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Wilderness School

Middle School Teacher comments following training:

I enjoyed Mind Lab. I feel as though I have a special connection because my son was so successful and we are playing the games at home now.

Chris has been great – patient! Shlomi coming over from Israel to train us made the experience even better.

I’m looking forward to playing the games with my students and applying the philosophies.

I enjoyed both days and both presenters were clear, articulate and helped us to work out how to use the games demonstrated with our students well.

They are good for getting the girls to work collaboratively together. The days were very well organised, challenging and enjoyable.

“Personally, I think that the Mind Lab methodologies fit so well with the beliefs that we hold about girls and learning. Learning must embrace the emotional and social capabilities of the student as well as the cognitive. Your knowledge of current educational methodology makes the staff training relevant and exciting for our most capable teachers and I thank you for your regular and ongoing dedication to preparing our teachers to deliver Mind Lab so skillfully to our students.”

Belinda Arnfield

Head of Middle School

Junior School student reflections

Playing Mind Lab helps me to develop many different habits of mind such as taking responsibility, persisting, managing impulsivity and gathering data using all of the senses.

I love Mind Lab games because it’s fun to play and you have to think flexibly.

Mind Lab games challenge me and I use strategies in the games that |I can also use in my life.

Once I start the games I am very involved and I can be very competitive.

I love Mind Lab because it helps me to think ahead.

I love that there are lots of games to choose from and they are all so much fun!

Mind Lab games are a new experience for me so they are never boring!

Mind Lab helps me to think creatively.

I get to play challenging games with my friends.

It helps my learning by opening my mind to other strategies and ways of thinking that help me in other activities.

Mind Lab games make me think outside of the box and challenge me.

I love Mind Lab games because they are fun, relaxing a break from our usual work.

Mind Lab is the best way to learn!

It teaches me not to make impulsive decisions which may not be the best decision.

It warms up my brain!

Mind Lab is something we look forward to in our school day.

It makes Maths fun!

I love Mind Lab because I can play with lots of different people that I don’t usually play with.

We get to play new games every week and we really get to know people better.

You need to think about all the possible outcomes and decide which one would be the best choice – which makes you think really hard.