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Rostrevor College

Staff feedback comments made following the successful trial at Rostrevor College

“Chris Ramsden has presented a cohesive, educational and challenging program to our students during the trial. It has been an enjoyable experience for our students. …… some have communicated the use of methods in thinking to wider range situations, such as methods and techniques that could be applied to wider ranging life issues other than the immediate needs within a game setting.” Kate Frost

“An unexpected outcome was the engagement of students across schools – Yr6 (JS) Yr 7 – 9 (MS). Many of these boys have difficulty establishing a social identity with like-minded peers. This program provides an across schools approach to supporting these students who at times can find themselves on their own. A great opportunity for assisting JS students for transition into Middle School.”

‘Excellent engagement in thinking theory and strategy but with the need to be socially inclusive of other’s ideas.”

“I have noticed that the students are not as competitive in sharing ideas – not necessarily ‘my way’ but ‘our way’. Excellent communication skills developed by some.” Graham Van Heerde

Student feedback comments made following the successful trial at Rostrevor College

  1. A comment about aspects of the trial that you have enjoyed the most

I have really enjoyed playing the games because they all involve different strategies

I enjoyed the chance to learn something as well as meeting others

I enjoyed working with others when playing the board games. It was more enjoyable than playing by myself against another person

I think the thing I enjoyed the most would be the board games

I enjoyed playing all of the different games, learning how to play them, learning strategies and working together

2. A comment about something that you learned about problem solving or decision making by taking part in the Mind Lab trial

I’ve learnt different techniques in Mind Lab all for different problems

I learnt lots of different strategies such as the stoplight method that taught me to slow down and think and also to communicate with others

I have learnt about how you can take strategies inside the game and put them into real life situations

That you don’t always have the best solution and its good to listen to other people

Stop, think and go (traffic lights) self block, trial and error

That working as a team is easier than working alone because there are two brains trying to solve the problem

I learned that you can use a self block in the game and in real life

3. A comment about your communicating with others when participating in the trial.

Last year I was in a 5/6 class so most of the year 7’s, but thanks to this program I have been able to mix with the year 8’s

I think it was a little bit hard at the start to communicate with the year 7 or 8’s but in the end it became very cosy

It was ok because I consulted with my partner before moving

The first few games one person usually took over but eventually people started working together as a team

I worked well in a team and it was better working with someone

When working in a team its good to show everything you are thinking

I learnt that through the trial my communication with others has allowed my idea of the person to change. How someone communicates is vital towards who they seem to be

I worked well with others but over the duration of the course my skills of working with others have increased

4.  A comment about whether you would like to continue with Mind Lab at Rostrevor in the future

I would love to continue in this program because it is extremely helpful to discover strategies for life

I would love to continue with Mind Lab because it is a way of learning while having fun

Yes I would love to continue with Mind Lab in the future because I think that it is a brilliant program

I would love to keep going with Mind Lab because it is a great learning experience

Definitely, I have learnt a lot and had fun

Yeh, because it was great fun and I think it helps people to get along better

Yes I learnt a lot about how to think and I would like to do it again

Yes I would because you can learn different games and excellent strategies

5.  Any other comment about the Mind Lab trial that you would like to make

Mind Lab is a clever way of combining fun with learning and it also gave an opportunity for friendships

I have enjoyed how Mr. Ramsden has sometimes left out rules and has made us figure it out ourselves

I would like it if we had more time


That Rostrevor should keep it in the curriculum