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Other testimonials

Katherine Zollo – Senior Educational Consultant
Association of Independent Schools of SA

Quote provided whilst in previous position as Head of Wilderness Junior School.

“My goal in bringing Mind Lab to Wilderness School was to further develop our students application of thinking skills and to create an authentic environment for problem solving. We were impressed with the research driven, well thought out and highly innovative curriculum. Once the classes began we were particularly amazed with how engaged the girls were. The program encourages risk taking and flexibility of thinking within a fun and challenging setting. Mind Lab teaches the students how to think strategically, work interdependently, apply a wide range of problem solving strategies and reflect upon their effectiveness. Our students, parents and teachers are all committed to the program and through activities such as student/parent evenings and the Mind Lab Olympics we are seeing enormous benefits for the whole school community.”

Howard ‘Mac’ MacPherson – Head of Pembroke Middle School, quote provided whilst in previous position as Head of Scotch College Middle School.

“At Scotch College, Mind Lab is one of our interventions for student wellbeing that will contribute to the continuing development of positive peer relationships and increased levels of assertive problem-solving skills. Bringing Mind Lab into the curriculum will play its part in developing the whole school’s emotional literacy, a strong pro-social school culture, a caring ethos, as well as nurturing our students’ higher-order thinking skills. There is a direct connection between student emotional wellbeing and good academic outcomes, and Mind Lab nourishes both”.

Lane Clark – International authority and speaker on Thinking Skills

“It gives me great pleasure to write this note in recommendation of Chris Ramsden and the Mind Lab Program. My personal passion resides in teaching students how to think and how to learn and I have worked internationally in this field for more than 13 years. Upon meeting Chris  and being introduced to the Mind Lab Program, I knew that this was something special. For students to be introduced to a diversity of thinking types and strategies through play was absolutely brilliant. It personalises these very abstract concepts and beautifully paves the way for discussion and opportunities to engage in the metacognitive process.

In an effort to learn more about the program myself; and to expose Victorian teachers to a wonderfully creative method of infusing thinking explicitly into their teaching and learning, I invited Chris to share his program during a number of my public workshops. Not only were the teachers truly engaged as they rushed to ‘play’ during break times and lunch; but all were impressed at Chris’ knowledge and ability to ask guiding questions, challenge and extend the thinking of the players, and make the broader connections to the outside world in terms of transferring the thinking game strategies to real life.

I do not hesitate to recommend this program. I would most certainly include Mind Lab as an aspect of my own teaching and learning program with students.