"With proven results and presence in over 30 countries, Mind Lab is a world leader in the research and development of educational technologies for the development of contemporary skills and competencies."


In the academic field, research projects have been conducted by renowned universities, including Yale University (now Columbia University), USA, and the University of Northumbria, England.

The study by Yale University concluded;

1. The learning of Mind Lab’s strategic and thinking concepts enriches and elaborates children’s language of thinking and considerably enhances their language skills.

2. The control-group children, whose participation was limited to the playing of thinking games, tended to improve their language of thinking, although to a lesser extent than those children who took part in the Mind Lab post-game reflective discussion.

3.  The Mind Lab Method is especially effective among children with weak scholastic achievements. Professor Donald Green of Yale University metaphorically referred to the Mind Lab Method as one that uncovers “diamonds in the rough” and then polishes them.   Click here to read the full article.

Since 2009, in partnership with  INADE (Institute of Educational Development and Evaluation), Mind Lab Brazil has been conductinga number of studies that have ratified and extended the results of previous international studies.


INADE 2009:  “Impact of skills development through the application of the Mind Lab Methodology: a study of students in 5th grade of elementary school.” Click here to read the full article .

INADE 2010: “Teaching for the 21st century: the teacher makes a difference ” Click here to read the full article .

INADE 2011:  “Leaps towards Learning: the journey of an Innovative Methodology in Education.”Click here to read the full article .

Italian Research / Sapienza University of Rome “Playing with reasoning: experimental research of the Mind Lab method in primary schools.” Click here to read the full article .