"With proven results and presence in over 30 countries, Mind Lab is a world leader in the research and development of educational technologies for the development of contemporary skills and competencies."

Our Vision

We aim to help prepare the next generation for the complex challenges of the 21st century: to strengthen a broad range of cognitive, emotional, and social skills, teaching children and young people how to think both reflectively and reflexively and encourage  students to “learn how to learn.”

Our vision is to empower games of strategy in a privileged place in the school curriculum, transforming them into significant educational tools to assist in the development of cognitive, emotional, social and ethical, and which speaks to the hearts and minds of children and youth.

We aim to promote, in future generations, these skills, with a focus on implementation in other spheres of daily life that will help them maximize their potential, becoming more reflective, successful, contributing to the training of  happier people acting with more respect towards their peers, overcoming challenges and beyond.

Most importantly, Mind Lab helps people become more whole and happier human beings. For this, we empower teachers and schools with effective tools and innovative teaching.