"Mind Lab has developed an innovative methodology that has achieved proven results around the world in the development of cognitive, emotional and ethical skills and competencies in our students."

Pillars and Process

The Mind Lab Methodology  is supported by three pillars: Strategy games, Meta-cognitive Methods and and the development of the teacher as a mediator. Based on this premise, the development of classes consists of three steps:  practice through Thinking games, the application of meta-cognitive methods and transfer to everyday situations. The process begins with students playing games and improving their skills and abilities that will be useful in real life situations, with  the Mind Lab Methodology working as a bridge between them.


The Mind Lab Methodology  in action – how does it work?

First step: learning a strategy game, exploring the key concepts and strategies related to the game.

Strategy games create a stimulating learning environment in which students deal with  cognitive, emotional, social, and ethical  and the  Mind Lab Methodology provides tools to deal with these challenges. The methodology helps students become familiar with the strategies and concepts important in games such as: strategic points to control a situation, resource management, delayed gratification, use of tactics and stratagems, systematic thinking, cooperation, harmony and many others. Students apply these strategies and improve their game, internalizing concepts studied during the process. These strategies and the underlying concepts form the basis for the next phase of the application of the methodology.

Second step: study of a  Metacognitive method

At this stage, students come to know and understand the strategies and methods drawn from concepts studied during the game. These methods have been developed by the Mind Lab Group in recent decades with the aim of organisation and improvement of cognitive, social, emotional and ethical thought processes. Within each of these skills, different skills are developed.

Third step: transfer to real life

The mediator of the  Mind Lab Methodology explores how learning methods and other experiences and knowledge built in class can be applied in many areas in our lives. Understanding goes beyond the boundaries of the game and assumes broader meanings. This process of “transfer” is one of the essences of the methodology, allowing the extrapolation of what was learned with games into everyday situations.