"The teaching program of Mind Lab is organised according to the age group of students, respecting the individual characteristics of each and the particulars of the curriculum of partner Schools."

Teaching Program

In order to learn in the most effective manner, children must be part of a challenging, captivating, and exciting experience. In order to inspire genuine motivation in students, teachers must engage children over time and impart the educational message effectively, for this they need exceptional educational tools.

Mind Lab delivers all this, and more. It actually provides your school with a complete solution to your curricular requirements associated with thinking, social and emotional intelligence skills, and includes all the materials and know-how required to successfully implement the Mind Lab Method in your school:

* Onsite training and support; online courses for educators
* An extensive series of textbooks and lesson plans for teachers
* Scores of exciting strategy games and corresponding curricula
* Demonstration accessories for building a complete learning environment
* Assessment and research tools for teachers and educational institutions
* Student and family kits to continue the Mind Lab learning at home
* Internet learning communities for teachers, parents, and children

The implementation plan consists of four main elements:

1 Installing the School Laboratory

2 Training and Supporting Teachers

3 Working with porsonal Student Kits

4 Lauching special School Projects

Once the School Lab is installed, we provide all the school’s teachers with Mind Lab’s Initial Training. Utilising their newly acquired knowledge, teachers start working with the methodology in the classrooms – using the School Lab materials and personal Student Kits.

Intensive ongoing support is provided by our pedagogical team – both onsite and online – in order to accompany and assist teachers, thus assuring the continuity of the programme and securing the highest possible quality standards in the implementation of the Mind Lab Method.

Depending on your school’s preferences, you may choose to launch one or more School Projects. We offer a selection of over a dozen wonderful projects, any of which can help you promote a culture of thinking among students, parents, teachers, and the entire community. The following pages contain more detailed information about each of the four elements.