"The teaching program of Mind Lab is organised according to the age group of students, respecting the individual characteristics of each and the particulars of the curriculum of partner Schools."

Teaching Program
Middle and Senior School

In the middle school and early high school years our curriculum focuses on

General Objectives

  1. Promote the consolidation and expansion of formal operational thinking.
  2. Expand strategies to deal with situations logically, promoting awareness of the processes used (metacognition)
  3. To develop deductive-hypothetical thought
  4. To enhance the process of conscious decision making
  5. Enhance the critical position and responsible decision-making
  6. Understand the interrelations between tactical and strategic plans
  7. To develop the process of facing, understanding and overcoming issues pertaining to becoming a teenager
  8. Promote critical reflection of the emotional, social and ethical relationships with oneself, with others, with the environment, society and the planet.

For the High School environment , we are developing a digital option, based on the same pillars of the Mind Lab Methodology Mind Lab that are applied in earlier years. This development  aims to integrate technological resources and tablets, in the process of teaching and learning, which optimizes the preparation and development of the young student and indeed teacher to face the demands of the XXI Century.

The requirement of understanding the needs of our contemporary world, to be able to think, create, plan a course that really makes a difference to the young, to  become a critical and conscious citizen who can contribute to the world of work, we are developing a Digital Project for High School which includes the development of cognitive, social, emotional and ethical.

We know that this challenge is a focus of educational institutions and also intense academic studies and public agencies and wish to play our part.