"The teaching program of Mind Lab is organised according to the age group of students, respecting the individual characteristics of each and the particulars of the curriculum of partner Schools."

Teaching Program
Junior Primary

In  junior primary , (years 1 – 3), the process focuses on the needs of the first cycle of basic education: literacy (understood as the construction of internal tools to deal with language, math, game …), basic concept formation , initial organization of investigative procedures and concrete operations.

General Objectives:

  1. To further the transition from pre-operational  to operational thought.
  2. Stimulate integration into the world of rules.
  3. Encourage the consolidation of the first concrete operations of thought.
  4. Develop strategies for action governed by the rules of the game and the moves of other players.
  5. Encourage planning and organized action.
  6. Encourage questioning style.
  7. Build strategies for organized thought.
  8. Develop the ability to analyze and compare.
  9. Learning to deal with attitudes and feelings related to the games rules (taking turns, losing, frustration, euphoria of winning, among others).
  10. Enhance socialization.
  11. Develop team spirit.